The Chorus of Awakening

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There is world wide waking sweeping the Earth, and it has a song to be sung, a story to be heard. In campfires, festivals, villages, far and wide, to city streets, sacred lands and beyond, we are resonating this tune, thumping the heart strings to resonate a redemption. These are the Bards of the New Earth, Guardians of Gaia following the calling at the center of their souls to resound this shared chorus of Awakening.

Along my travels into the emergent paradigm, I’ve witnessed the Visionary Culture supporting the Remembrance through the arts. Spreading the word, sharing the medicine, and bringing us back to the values that truly matter. That of fellowship, healing, respect for the Earth and all our relations. What is being born here is nothing short of a Revolution of Revelation, that we are meant to live in harmony and abundance, and the messages carries so: that we are the ones this world needs to wake up, and create the change. That through us, we end the wars and poverty, the pollution and suffering, through our compassionate activism.

Reminding us that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

A Love Tribe bringing together the collective.

They are the Bards that open the doorways between realms, invoking the Spirit of the Land to Life.

Music can be a vehicle I found to transport us to the sacred and true, to shift our perspective and bring the medicine we need to tap into that deeper essence.

Tuning us to the frequencies of Source.

Bringing us back to the medicine of change, the butterfly within us all.

And it is these portals that open, the vibratory universe of Creation. Realms unto themselves, invoked by the magick of the Muses. For nothing is mundane, only when seen from the surface; when we plunge deeper still, we see the Essential, the True. That this is the Living Word, the Language of the Land, the vibrational transmission of the original meaning, spoken in primordial tones and consonants, resolving the dissonances of modernity to the euphony of the Emergent Age.

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